The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium announced the official opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg on Saturday, 18 March 2022, through their social media handle, highlighting their specialities in clothing, Home goods, design items and jewellery.

The United Parcel Service (UPS), an American package and document delivery company operating worldwide, opened a store in Luxembourg; the UPS represent well-known Ukrainian clothing brands, including Foberini, Poustovit, Elenareva, and Gunia, home goods such as Noom, Woo, and Shyska and design items such as Faina, Tvoi and jewellery like Gunia and Gush.


The Ukrainian Embassy is sincerely grateful to Marianna Kizin for being the ambassador of Ukrainian designers and for the incredible idea and promotion of the Ukrainian fashion industry in Luxembourg.

They are also grateful to the Mayor of Luxembourg, Lydie Polfer, for her unwavering support and for being the guest of honour at the store opening. They also thanked the City Hall of Luxembourg for its assistance in opening the store. And last, they especially thanked the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Luxembourg, Claude Radoux, and the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Ukraine, Mykola Novikov, for their support and guidance in the store opening. They also happily invite the residents and visitors of Luxembourg to join them in promoting Ukrainian brands abroad and supporting their nation.

Reportedly, In 1907, two teenage entrepreneurs created the world’s largest package delivery service UPS in a Seattle basement with a $100 loan. Claude Ryan and Jim Casey opened the American Messenger Company. In 1919, the company expanded beyond Seattle to Oakland, California, where United Parcel Service debuted. That same year, the company also painted its cars its signature brown, representing class, sophistication and professionalism. In 1930 UPS made its first expansion to the East Coast in metropolitan New York City, moving the corporate office from Los Angeles to 331 East 38th Street, New York.


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