The embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi reported on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, that a meeting was hosted at Bart Ouvry’s residence with several ambassadors and colleagues about the framework of Digital Diplomacy. During the meeting, two fellow countrymen, Seppe Verheyen and Jeremy Density, took over the floor.

Seppe Verheyan, a tech diplomacy specialist and senior research fellow at the Anwar Gargesh Diplomatic Academy, discussed the vital link between Diplomacy and the Metaverse.


In contrast, Jeremy Density, who currently heads Scorpernia’s MENA Office in Dubai and is also the co-founder of Imagine studio, explained what the Metaverse entails and its potential today and in the future.

After that, on behalf of the embassy, they thanked Seppe and Jeremy for the enriching afternoon and all ambassadors and other present colleagues.

Reportedly, Digital technologies have brought many opportunities into people’s lives worldwide. They have become the critical competitive parameters that can shift the balance of power.

The European Union Digital Diplomacy aims to secure the European union’s global role in the digital world and to protect its strategic interests. Also, it seeks to promote a dynamic human-centric regulatory framework for an inclusive digital transformation.

Digital Technologies play the most vital role in society. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of promoting safe and effective digital solutions for a more accessible, equal and inclusive world.

Day by day, the international and security context is becoming more vast and complex. The newly launched technologies are increasing geopolitical competition and a barometer of global influence.


Many foreign actors also use this to threaten the privacy, security, and integrity of the European Union and its members by manipulating the information environment and its interference in democratic countries.

The EU’s approach to the digital transition is firmly anchored in its commitment to multilateralism and the promotion of universal human rights & fundamental freedoms, the rule of law and democratic principles.


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