Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased his nuclear threats against the West by sending Iskander ballistic missiles armed with tactical nuclear weapons to its ally Belarus.

This comes as Russia becomes concerned about what Ukraine will be doing as part of its planned counteroffensive to take back Russian-occupied territory. Despite using numerous workforce and military equipment, Russia is losing steam in their offensive in Bakhmut.


This decision to share tactical nukes with Belarus is part of Russia’s nuclear sabre rattling, probably a decision to do so due to Russia’s usual sabre rattling has become a case of “the boy who called wolf” as usual rhetorics have become ineffective in scaring the West.

This has been viewed as an escalation of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Belarus having nuclear weapons is not considered by the West as a deterrence since the West has no interest in attacking Belarus if it doesn’t participate in the war.

Instead, it’s being viewed that Belarus could be a new dangerous player who may join the war in Ukraine in support of Russia, with the nuclear weapons acting as deterrence to avoid getting retaliatory strikes in its own territory.

According to Putin, Russia has given the neighbouring nation an Iskander missile complex that can also serve as a carrier and has assisted Belarus in re-equipping ten aircraft with the ability to use this sort of weapon.

The Russian president also discussed the British plan to give depleted uranium shells to Ukraine. He stressed that it is among the most damaging and hazardous weapons, both for humans and the environment, and issued a warning:

“Of course, Russia has a responsibility to offer. We have tens of thousands of such projectiles without exaggeration. We haven’t used them yet.”


President Vladimir Putin announced the decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus was taken because the United States has been stationing atomic weapons in the regions of its allies for years. It was a necessary action for the sake of their own nation’s security.


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