Biden is convinced, Russia decided to invade Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine- U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday has released a statement that he is "convinced" Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to invade Ukraine,...

YouTube’s iOS app is finally getting picture-in-picture!

YouTube is bringing a long-anticipated characteristic to its iPhone application: picture-in-picture (PiP). All Premium subscribers will shortly have access to the viewer, and YouTube...

President Biden arrives in Geneva for Putin showdown after shoring up western support!

American President Joe Biden came to Geneva on Tuesday ahead of his long and controversial talks with Vladimir Putin, the high point designed to...

Search operations for missing submarine in Indonesia

Rescue and search operations for missing submarine with 53 crew members. KRI Nanggala 402 went missing in the last dive in training off the...

India sees a surge in coronavirus cases, here’s why?

India's daily coronavirus cases count doubles in just ten days. The country record count was two lakhs until Thursday morning. Authorities cited the reasons...

40% Marines in the USA refuse to take the vaccine shots!

Vaccination drive has begun around the world And the USA has reported nearly 20% vaccination done by the month-end. But shockingly, 40% of marines...

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Around half of Belgium people don’t know where their electricity comes from: Study

Almost half of Belgians don’t know where their electricity comes from, according to a study from the energy platform Bolt Energie.

The spread of monkeypox was sexual transmission at raves in Europe: WHO

A top adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed the unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in developed nations as "a random event" that might be explained by sexual behaviour at two recent raves.

Switzerland remains most popular destination for German emigrants among EU: Reports

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis) has mentioned that Switzerland remains the most popular destination for German emigrants among all other European countries.

EU must adapts current production of food, instead of increasing supply: Reports

To ensure global food security, the European Union must adapt its current production of food, rather than increase supply, as per the report published by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on 23 May.

Belgium makes 21-day quarantine compulsory for monkeypox patients

Belgium has recently reported a spike in the number of monkeypox cases, which has forced the nation to become the first country to make a 21-day quarantine compulsory for patients.