Russia: President Putin to deploy tactical nukes in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin has increased his nuclear threats against the West by sending Iskander ballistic missiles armed with tactical nuclear weapons to its ally Belarus

Russia threatens to attack International Criminal Court (ICC) with hypersonic missiles

Russia has threatened to attack the International Criminal Court(ICC)in The Hague with hypersonic missiles after the court issued a warrant of arrest against President Vladimir Putin, Aljazeera reported this week

Russia: President Putin and XI toasted on “no-limit friendship” at Kremlin palace

During a Kremlin meeting, President Vladimir Putin and Chinese president XI Jinping toasted their "no-limit friendship" on Tuesday, March 21. Its primary objective was to expand the ties between Russia and China amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine

Another Ukrainian soldier perished on Bakhmut front

Another Ukrainian soldier was killed in Bakhmut while engaged in combat with Russian forces, according to @INTobservers, a Ukrainian and Russian social media information source

Russian Ambassador to U.S. condemns Pentagon for deploying drone near Russian borders

"U.S. aircraft shouldn't be flying near the Russian border; imagine Washington's reaction if a military Aircraft from a foreign country during ongoing war appeared near New York or San Francisco said Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov on an American drone that crashed in the Black Sea

Ex-Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev warns NATO Of Nuclear Apocalypse

Russia's deputy head of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, issued a warning to the west that continuing to support Ukraine will result in a nuclear disaster. He said this in reference to the west arming Ukraine in order to prolong the fight for a long time

Ukrainian individual reunites with his family at Kramatorsk railway station

On February 26, 2023, in the midst of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a Ukrainian man kneels to welcome his family as they arrive from Kyiv at the railway station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. As a result of Russia's attacks on the capital, it appears that the man was reunited with his family after a long time due to getting separated amid the Russia-Ukraine war

Russia boosted missile attacks at eastern frontlines, killed 210 Ukrainian troops

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, who condemned Russia for its continuous aggression, Russian forces launched nine missiles, 28 airstrikes, and more than 40 MLRS attacks, which led to multiple injuries among Ukrainian soldiers operating the eastern front

Russo-Ukraine war marks one year; Russia doubled its military budget since 2021

During 2019-2021, Russia increased its military spending, and in 2021 its military budget doubled compared to the previous 2020, reaching almost $ 66 billion, which is 4.1% of the Russian GDP

Fake News published by Ukrainian news webpages

A tweet from the @johnEdgarcarter account on Twitter claimed that Ukraine had destroyed a Russian train carrying weapons and other military hardware

Ukrainian special services organized attack on Crimean bridge, claims Russian Investigative Committee

The Ukrainian secret services planned the attack on the Crimean bridge, according to confirmation just received by the Russian Investigative Committee

Failed Russian assault near Vuhledar displays poorly-trained Russian troops

Russian military bloggers likely blame Russian commanders for de-emphasizing that the imperfect systemic training of Russian mobilized personnel will continue in similar collapses throughout Ukraine, according to the ISW

Increasing Wagner’s role is sad testimony to how things going wrong in Russia

It seems that a communist dictatorship has been replaced by something worse if it is possible to conceptualise that Wagner's owner Prigozhin will replace Putin

Heavy attacks from Russian forces eliminates 200 Ukrainian soldiers

Russian military continues its heavy strikes against Ukrainian troops, weapons, and military infrastructure – more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers & mercenaries have been eliminated in the past 24 hours

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St Kitts and Nevis: Adelcia Connor visits India with government representatives for media familiarization tour

Adelcia Connor Ferlance, press secretary for the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, accepted an offer to join a media familiarisation tour in India scheduled for March 22–29, 2023, for South America and the Caribbean

The Belgium Embassy on hosting screening of ‘Exploits Solidaires’; a Belgian Documentary

The Embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi posted an update on social media of coming together with the Belgium business council for the screening of a Belgian documentary called ‘Exploits Solidaires’ on Friday, March 3, 2023

Revelations on sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Revelations on sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Know here: World’s Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Know here, World's Most Beautiful Milk shop in Dresden, Germany

Embassy announces opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg

The Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium announced the official opening of Ukrainian brands in Luxembourg on Saturday, 18 March 2022, through their social media handle, highlighting their specialities in clothing, Home goods, design items and jewellery