In a recent exchange between French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu and his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, France staunchly condemned any attempt to associate the devastating attack on a Moscow concert venue with Ukraine.

Lecornu reiterated France’s unwavering commitment to combatting terrorism and expressed readiness for enhanced cooperation in this endeavour.


The French Defence Ministry issued a statement asserting France’s firm stance against terrorism and urging Russia to desist from politicizing the tragic event.

The exchange comes in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s acknowledgement of the involvement of “radical Islamists” in the assault, which claimed the lives of at least 144 individuals.

However, Putin’s insinuation of a link to Ukraine was met with a firm rebuttal from France. Lecornu emphasized that France lacked any evidence to support such claims and urged Moscow to refrain from exploiting the attack for geopolitical gains.

Furthermore, Lecornu condemned Russia’s “war of aggression” in Ukraine, reaffirming France’s steadfast support for Ukrainian sovereignty and the pursuit of peace on the European continent.

The statement underscored France’s commitment to stand by Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and security, signalling solidarity with the embattled nation amid ongoing tensions with Russia.

The dialogue between France and Russia has been marked by strained relations in recent times, particularly in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.


French President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to dissuade Putin from invading Ukraine in 2022 underscored France’s proactive stance on the issue.

Despite initial attempts at diplomatic engagement, communication between the two leaders has dwindled, with the last recorded phone call dating back to September 2022.

Macron’s administration has progressively toughened its stance against Russia, with recent statements not ruling out the deployment of French troops in Ukraine.

The French President has emphasized the need for robust action to address the crisis, signalling a departure from earlier diplomatic overtures towards Moscow.

Against this backdrop, the recent exchange between Lecornu and Shoigu underscores the persistent tensions between France and Russia, with diverging perspectives on the Moscow attack and the broader Ukrainian conflict.

While France advocates for international cooperation against terrorism and upholds the principles of sovereignty and peace, Russia’s attempts to politicize the tragedy risk further exacerbating regional tensions.

As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, the standoff between France and Russia highlights the challenges facing international efforts to address terrorism and conflict in the 21st century.

With France reaffirming its commitment to Ukrainian sovereignty and condemning Russian aggression, the trajectory of European security hangs in the balance amid escalating tensions in the region.


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