In a recent telethon broadcast, Dmytro Penteleychuk, the head of the Joint Coordination Press Center for Southern Ukraine’s Defense Forces, suggested a significant blow to the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

He hinted at the possibility that the Russian occupiers might have lost their last cruise missile carrier during a daring Ukrainian attack on the port of Sevastopol.


Penteleychuk cautioned that the information is not yet confirmed and urged waiting for official data. However, he revealed details of the recent Ukrainian assault on the Russian-occupied Sevastopol, which reportedly targeted the Black Sea Fleet.

According to reports from the Russian Telegram channel “Spy Dossier” and unofficial Russian and Ukrainian sources, the small Russian missile ship “Zyklon” was allegedly struck during the attack. 

It’s believed that two ATACMS ballistic missiles hit the project 22800 Karakurt-class vessel, resulting in its sinking.

The attack, which occurred on May 19, is said to have claimed the lives of six servicemen from the Russian Black Sea Fleet, with 11 others sustaining injuries. Among the casualties, it’s reported that the “Zyklon” bore the brunt of the assault.

If confirmed, the loss of the “Zyklon” would mark a significant blow to Russia’s naval capabilities in the Black Sea. 

The ship’s destruction would signify the demise of Russia’s last known cruise missile carrier in the region, amplifying the strategic impact of the Ukrainian offensive.


The sinking of the “Zyklon” is believed to have occurred concurrently with the destruction of the minesweeper 266-M “Kovrovets,” further exacerbating the losses suffered by the Russian Navy during the Sevastopol attack.

This development underscores the intensifying conflict between Ukraine and Russia, with each side engaging in strategic maneuvers to assert dominance in the region. 

The Ukrainian military’s successful assault on the Russian Black Sea Fleet demonstrates their determination and capability to challenge Russian occupation in Crimea.

As tensions escalate and the situation evolves, both Ukrainian and Russian authorities are expected to provide further updates and official statements regarding the aftermath of the Sevastopol attack.

For now, the fate of the “Zyklon” hangs in the balance, pending confirmation from official sources. However, if substantiated, its loss would reverberate throughout the region, reshaping the dynamics of naval power in the Black Sea.

In the face of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: the conflict between Ukraine and Russia shows no signs of abating, with each side poised to escalate hostilities in pursuit of their strategic objectives.


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