US Embassy Maseru introduces mwflesotho2023 participant Makananelo Seipati Mahamo Nkoe, highlights achievements

The United States Embassy in Maseru informed their mwflesotho2023 participants heading out for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders soon and introduced Makananelo Seipati Mahamo Nkoe, Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Registered Auditor, registered with the Lesotho Institute, of Accountants (LIA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and highlighted her achievements.

While highlighting the achievements of Makananelo Seipati Mahamo Nkoe, the United States Embassy in Maseru shared that She is also a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Global. Within the Lesotho Institute of Accountants, Makananelo has served on the Admissions and Registration Committee and Audit and Risk Committee and currently serves on the Professional Standards and Quality Assurance Committee, also known as the Technical Committee.

Furthermore, in the Executive Committee/Board of the Institute of Internal Auditors Lesotho (IIA Lesotho), Makananelo serves as the Director of Finance for the second term. She participates in the ACCA voluntary mentorship program, in which two of her mentees excel and work within financial institutions and hospitality industries in Lesotho and South Africa at the tactical and operational levels.

Makananelo has successfully established and developed the Internal Audit and Risk Management department within Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation. She is the founder and partner of Imperium Chartered Accountants, a firm of Auditors and Accountants. Lastly, she co-founded the Golden Age Investment Consortium and the Golden Age Society, which addresses issues of access to finance for its members.

Texas Tech University in Texas will host Makananelo. She hopes to gain skills and knowledge within the United States macro environment, to learn the laws, policies, and other instruments related to principles of good governance, accountability, and transparency within the public space and how they relate to those within Lesotho and their implementation thereof. Lastly, she aims to form long-lasting, meaningful networks and connections.

Makananelo strives to promote and advocate for internal auditing as the eyes and ears of governance, as it can promote good governance within organizations. She also works to ensure the operationalization of the IIA Lesotho Constitution to establish the Institute as fully fledged.


Gabriel Peters

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