The Spanish-American Chef and Restaurateur Jose Andres announced the 30th Anniversary of his first-ever restaurant Jaleo DC in Washington, DC, USA. Also, they shared a flashback story behind his restaurant.

Spanish-American Chef and restaurateur Jose Andres took to his social media on Wednesday, April 5, 2023. They announced the 30th Anniversary of his first-ever restaurant Jaleo Dc, located in Washington, DC, USA. and shared the flashback story of his restaurant. He also shared the Substack of his recent newsletter, ‘Longer Tables by Jose Andres’.


Jose Andres Shared that his first-ever Jaleo DC restaurant has always been a home to him; it was a place where he could be both Spanish and American. He also shared that in DC, he used to share tapas with the people, and now he continues to share with the people of Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Dubai.

Jose stated that over these years, He had an incredible team with him; some of his team members have been on this journey with him from the beginning.

Also, on the Substack of his recent news publication ‘Longer Tables by Jose Andres,’ he shared some notable names of his team members who have been working with him for a long run; he shared about Elmer and Maria, the two of his team members, who have worked with him for 29 years, he also shared about Ramon, the Head Chef of all Jaleos who has been with him for the last 16 years.

Jose has also shared some more milestones from the last 30 years of his Jaleo DC restaurant in Washington, DC, in his recently published Substack ‘Longer Tables by Jose Andres.’

At last, Jose, on his 30th Anniversary, urged people to share their memories from the Jaleo DC restaurant and also stated, “If you are in DC, stop by Jaleo today for a glass of cava and special croquetas on my team and me!!”


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