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PM Terrance Drew extends condolence to victims’ families

St. Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew consoles the family of the three young victims of the incident that happened at St Peters.

On hearing the incident, the Prime Minister promptly halted all his birthday celebrations and headed over to the spot to extend condolence to the victims’ families.

Also, the PM even extended his condolence with the people who get affected through this and the citizens of the country.

Moreover, he assured that the government of the country is bound to take every necessary action for the fulfillment of the commitments the government has given.

Further, the government also made it sure to the residents that whatever action is in the power of authorities will be taken as early as possible in this regard.

Significantly, he also mentioned that such a huge loss to the country states how important it is to take the actions to address the cause of such incidents.

As this incident has brought the nation with no doubt that such cases are so promptly occurring in the region which at urgent basis need to be managed and cured.

Also, PM Terrance Drew pleaded to the ones who are on the path of spreading violence in the community to quit the guns. He even mentioned that they should take the path of peace and positive energy.

Furthermore, he requested the citizens to bring up a society where the young generation can thrive and flourish. Also, should the nation with understanding and compassion.

Probing ahead, he implored the society to promote peace and harmony by discouraging violence and encouraging security in the country St Kitts and Nevis.

Even people reacted very sadly on hearing this news. Some even presented their words under the shared post of the same.

“It is a sad reflection of what is going on in society at the moment,” said one.

Gabriel Peters

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