St Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew provided the tablets on November 22 to the students of Deane Glassford Primary School of St Kitts and Nevis.

Noticeably, the distribution of tablets is done as the part of one to one laptop programme.


Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced some of the initiatives to be implemented for boosting the economy.

From those initiatives, the one to one laptop programme is the one.

Many other initiatives were also mentioned regarding student welfare which included decreased interest rate on the study loans to 5%, the payment of the economic cost for the students studying at the university.

Also, the mentioning of fully equipped devices was done by Geoffrey Hanley, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education during the sitting of the National Assembly on Monday.

Significantly, the laptops provided to the students are properly equipped with the textbooks, educational videos, exercises. This will provide an aid to the learners in gathering the information.

Probing ahead, the Prime Minister shared the glimpse of the same on social media handles.


Interestingly, the day is also special because it is the birthday of the PM.

“This is a wonderful start to my birthday celebration,” quoted Prime Minister Terrance Drew under the post.

Such a statement shows the pleasure and joy he felt by providing the laptops to the children.

In simple words, the action directly leads towards the economic development and progress of the country, and the joy of stepping ahead for the sustainable development of the country on the special occasion of birthday gave much pleasure to the Prime Minister.

Under the post, the public gave best wishes to the PM for birthday and appreciated the work he is doing for the growth and development of the country.


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