St Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew visited the Youth Empowerment Department on November 21 to have a look at the Art Exhibition at Cable Building.

The Art Exhibition consisted of various art pieces which were made by the young talents of the country.


Considerably, the display of the artwork at the exhibition marks the celebration of youth month that is November.

Moreover, the country witnessed many activities these days as a part of youth month from which the art exhibition is one.

The art pieces displayed revealed various theme based artworks which are conservation, renewable energy and natural scenery.

Significantly, each art piece revealed the relevance with the rich heritage of the country, St Kitts and Nevis.

Further, the art exhibition is set for the whole month of November at the department of youth empowerment at Cable Building.

Interestingly, any member from the community can pay a visit to it to see the beautiful and meaningful art pieces.


There is no cost included for visiting an exhibition.

Also, the timings are set for the visit of the public that is from 8am to 4pm for five days a week that is from Monday to Friday.

The Prime Minister of the country appreciated the great work of the young talent.

He added that the work which they have done is very impressive and truly exceptional.

Moving ahead, the PM even shared the glance of the visit he paid to the exhibition.

Under the post, the public even presented their reactions which were all about the appreciation for the young ones who have worked on such great art pieces.

One said that the art is done in such a magnificent way that it seems like real eyes are having a look at the brilliant blues and greens.

While others appreciated the work by presenting praising words for the talent.

Some even congratulated the country and young creatives for having such great talent.


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