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In the past 13 years, fans of the Nintendo DS fanatical classic have been begging Square Enix to launch a new entrance into the original world. The atmosphere of the first adventure is strong, with an optimistic and energetic soundtrack, a lovely lineup of characters, and a unique combat system as the rest of the game. Therefore, when news of the sequel reached our desk last year, we were very excited, although at the same time cautious, because we took the story of the first game to heart. NEO is untouched: Will the world end because of you? Is the creator really lucky enough to match or surpass the energy of the first waltz through Shibuya? Can the new protagonist Rindo and these other dwarves keep up with Neku and the company? We have been asking ourselves the same questions for weeks and even months.

Fortunately, all of this was in vain. This new action RPG through the streets of Shibuya is full of fresh rhythms and surprisingly delicious flavors to appease old fans and newcomers. NEO: The end of the world and your comment-8 screenshots on Nintendo Switch 1 (Docked) The story starts from the heart in Shibuya, following two fashionable young people named Rindo and Fret who happen to have lunch in the town. One thing led to another, and they ended up getting involved in a game called the “Game of Reaper”, a battle of life and death organized by an organization called (you might guess) the Reaper. In order to survive this week-long event, they must form a team and accumulate enough points by completing the tasks distributed by the game master Shiba every day. No matter which team wins on the weekend, it may only achieve one wish, and the team that insists on being in the rear will face dire consequences. During the Reaper game, Rindo and Fret made many new players and some familiar old faces to fans of the series. Nagi Usui (a new face, one of our favorites!) is very introverted and direct (and very nerdy), and will take this opportunity to introduce someone to her favorite mobile game, elegant strategy.

Then we have Sho Minamimoto, a nervous wanderer ready to solve any equation that hinders him. Minami is one of the opponents in the first game, so she will ask you why she changed her position and joined your team from the beginning. Then Fret, whether they like it or not, will give everyone he meets a stinging nickname (including “Rindude” and “Nagirl”). Each character is full of life and has its own truth to discover, and it is difficult to find a favorite at the end of the journey. Speaking of adventure, there are also some fancy pre-rendered signature “Square-Enix” scenes scattered to a well-deserved moment, and 99% of the stories are delivered through visual novel fragments. The characters on the screen are depicted on the screen with satisfying hand-drawn art, reminiscent of the original game style. Although there is no animation, their portraits will change as the Pin drops, showing their current emotions to the fullest.

- A word from our sposor -

A Review of “NEO: The World Ends With You” on Nintendo Switch