A Tie at the Top of the U.S Open Sees Russell Henley Accompanied By Two Others

Eagle Pat looked famous at Torrey Pines Saturday but hasn’t seen Tiger Woods. At par 513, Mackenzie Hughes saw a 60-foot eagle sliding back into the bowl above the green. Louis Oosthuizen could have expected a 50-foot eagle at 18 to find the center of the cup, kiss the handle, and disappear. In 2008, Woods showed promising Sundays at the 13th and 18th holes, with Oryol hitting from one end of the course to the other.

A commander who had a calm and laid-back atmosphere in San Diego for two days now desperately needs Oosthuizen and Rory McIlroy to try to end the prolonged drought, hope for newcomers such as Hughes and Russell Henley, and six other possibilities including Bryson DeChambeau. and Jonra Hm. “This is a golf course where anything can happen,” Oosthuizen said, mixing into a major for the second time in a row. “This is just a tough old-fashioned golf course. You will never own it. You will feel it. The key is how you will handle it.”

Hughes was the first bird to get par 5 to 208 and added the last bird to par 3 to 68. Heisen’s worst bird was 16 BC. It is a 30-foot bird, built in 18 BC. 70 rounds with a 50ft eagle. At the start of the last nine years, they had a two-shot lead and were on par with Henry, who looked like his life. He had to move from bunker to a rough, bunker at Torrey Pines’ lightest hole, and play an 8-foot par 71 hole.

McIlroy has not participated in a Grand Slam tournament for seven years, and the drought has exacerbated several decent opportunities. De Chambeau can join Brooks Koepka as a back-to-back U.S. Open champion and laugh with him for the last time. “I think there will be two 68s in the weekend I will have a good chance after Friday,” McIlroy said, he started the third round with 6 shots from the back. “I finished the first part of that job. Now it’s my turn to go out and try a similar golf game tomorrow.”

Woods recovered from a car accident last February, sustained a serious leg injury, and never returned to Tory Pines. In his absence, 54 holes were torn off the show, and every opportunity was used to relive the memories of his two falcons. This time I’m going to do it with two people, which is really good. “I know Tiger is right, but the process is good,” Hughes said. “The weight that goes through the body when the ball hits the hole and the crowd explodes is the reason we play. It’s terrible to think about it.

He will participate in the final set of matches with Oosthuizen on Sunday. He will be nervous. Since winning the 2010 British Open at St Andrew’s, he has reached the Grand Slam finals five times and the playoffs twice. He shot a birdie of 11 par 3, leading by 2 shots, and stopped at the cabbage behind the green on the 12th hole. But he showed signs of cracking in the last hour, fired on the 15th day, and had to escape the par 18.

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