Around twenty-four(24) Syrian organizations called on Thursday to include the Kurdish language in this year’s Brussels Conference. Since 2017, Brussels has hosted the annual Brussels Conference, intending to raise funds to support humanitarian operations in Syria and the region to help alleviate the ongoing crisis there.

International delegations, as well as figures representing stakeholders of the Syrian conflict, UN agencies, international institutions and Syrian civil society organizations, attend the annual event.


The organization added, “Since the Brussels Conference is aiming to favour the future of Syria, it should take up the initiative towards acknowledging the multicultural, multilingual, and multi-ethnic composition of Syria’s population.”

The organization further stated that, “These steps would send positive messages to Syrians that the European Union (EU), as well as governments and organizations involved in the Conference, support diverse societies in general and Syria’s in particular,” they added. “Moreover, an acknowledgement of Syria’s diverse minority groups is the considered as the first step towards working towards a future in which all Syrians enjoy basic human rights despite decades of discrimination against its minorities.”

“Permitting the use of mother tongue in Brussels Conference as well as other conferences would demonstrate inclusivity and ensure real and effective participation, helping minorities to feel like their role in finding solutions and implementing them is valued.”

Last year the Brussels conference was titled ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’ and was held on Mar. 29-30. The conference is expected to be held in April or May this year, but no official date has been announced yet.


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