In an unprecedented move, ten distinguished athletes will receive their reallocated Olympic medals at the picturesque Champions Park during the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

This decision, endorsed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board, allows these athletes to celebrate their hard-earned achievements in a grand setting, surrounded by family, friends, and fans.


The athletes set to be honored span multiple editions of the Games and disciplines:

  • Sydney 2000 – Athletics, Women’s 200m: Beverly McDonald (JAM), Bronze
  • Beijing 2008 – Athletics, Women’s Long Jump: Chelsea Hammond-Ross (JAM), Bronze
  • London 2012 – Weightlifting, Men’s 85kg: Tarek Yehia Fouad Abdelazim (EGY), Bronze
  • London 2012 – Athletics, Men’s High Jump: Erik Kynard (USA), Gold; Derek Drouin (CAN), Silver
  • London 2012 – Weightlifting, Men’s +105kg: Sang-Guen Jeon (KOR), Bronze
  • London 2012 – Athletics, Women’s 1500m: Abeba Aregawi (ETH), Bronze
  • London 2012 – Athletics, Women’s 400m Hurdles: Lashinda Demus (USA), Gold; Zuzana Hejnova (CZE), Silver; Kaliese Spencer (JAM), Bronze

The Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission (AC), Emma Terho, expressed her enthusiasm for the ceremonies, stating, “We are very much looking forward to seeing athletes receive their Olympic medals in a venue that will provide such a spectacular backdrop and electric atmosphere.”

She emphasized that this initiative results from the athletes’ voices being considered in the decision-making process. The IOC Executive Board’s support of the recommendation from the IOC AC, with the strong backing of the Paris 2024 AC, was instrumental in making this option available.

This exceptional opportunity was approved in March 2024, allowing Champions Park to be included as an additional venue for medal reallocation ceremonies.

Athletes whose reallocations were confirmed before the Paris 2024 Games but who had not yet had a ceremony now have this unique option.

The option to receive reallocated medals at Champions Park adds to a menu of six different options designed to honor the athletes’ achievements and provide them with appropriate recognition.


This menu was proposed by the IOC AC and approved by the IOC EB more than six years ago. Options also include a private ceremony, allowing athletes to choose the setting that best suits their preferences.

All legal proceedings must be exhausted before any Olympic medal can be reallocated, ensuring due process for all involved.

Once the IOC EB approves the reallocation, the athlete and their respective National Olympic Committee can select their preferred ceremony option.

The reallocation ceremonies at Champions Park promise to be a highlight of the Paris 2024 Games. With over 1,000 athletes set to celebrate their achievements at the same venue, the atmosphere will be electrifying.

This setting provides a fitting stage for the honored athletes to finally receive their medals, acknowledging their perseverance and excellence.

These ceremonies not only celebrate the athletes’ successes but also embody the Olympic spirit of fair play and justice.

The IOC’s commitment to upholding these principles ensures that every athlete receives the recognition they rightfully deserve, enhancing the integrity and legacy of the Olympic Games.


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