A new heat wave is likely to hit Belgium in the coming week, with temperature level exceeding 30° C in Uccle from Wednesday, with Belgium’s Health Office advising how to keep cool. Over the next few days, a vast high-pressure area reaching over the British Isles will expand into southern Scandinavia.
The Royal Mereological Institute has recently put a yellow alert in place for coming Monday and Tuesday, along with putting code orange alert from Wednesday. The federal heat and ozone plan as well as Flemish plans are now in effect.
As per the Interregional Office for the Environment, “The warning phase is activated when the predicted maximum temperature in Uccle overreaches 25°C.
As per reports, the rising temperature and sunny days will have an impact on the ozone layers in the atmosphere as well. Right now, the levels of ozone on the atmosphere is normal and does not crosses the threshold of 180 µg/m³.
The data has revealed that the combination of air pollution, high temperatures and sunny weather could increase the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere from coming Wednesday.
The authorities have requested all people to stay out of the sun in the peak hours and asked everybody to keep themselves hydrated.


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