In the bustling streets of Paris, anticipation for the fourth season of the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris has reached a fever pitch.

Fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of Emily Cooper’s adventures in the City of Lights have been met with a surprise revelation that has set the internet abuzz.


Recent set photos from April 2024 have unveiled an unexpected addition to the cast: Brigitte Macron, the esteemed First Lady of France.

As cameras rolled in Paris, Lily Collins, reprising her role as the titular Emily, was captured in one of her character’s chic ensembles.

Yet Macron’s presence stole the spotlight and ignited fervent speculation about her potential cameo appearance in the upcoming season.

While details surrounding Macron’s role remain shrouded in mystery, her presence on set hints at a significant development in the storyline.

With Emily’s penchant for stirring up chaos and navigating the intricacies of Parisian society, fans are left to wonder how her encounter with the First Lady will unfold and what role Macron will play in Emily’s adventures.

The possibility of Macron gracing the screen of “Emily in Paris” marks a notable callback to a reference made in the show’s first season, where she was mentioned but did not appear.


Her potential on-screen debut in season 4 promises intriguing interactions and narrative twists for viewers to eagerly anticipate.

Adding to the excitement is Lily Collins’ previous revelation of Macron’s enthusiasm for the show during a late-night appearance.

Collins’ acknowledgement of Macron’s interest only serves to heighten anticipation surrounding the upcoming season and the potential storyline involving the French First Lady.

Amidst the speculation swirling around Macron’s cameo, set photos have also confirmed the return of a beloved character detail: Emily’s iconic old-school film camera phone case.

Collins clutching the signature accessory offers fans a sense of familiarity and reassurance as they eagerly await the premiere of “Emily in Paris” season 4.

As production progresses and whispers of Brigitte Macron’s involvement continue to circulate, one thing is certain: the upcoming season of “Emily in Paris” is poised to deliver an unforgettable blend of glamour, intrigue, and unexpected surprises for fans around the world.


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