Another incident of jail escape has been reported in Brussels where a 26-year-old man has managed to escape from a Brussels Police cell via a hole behind his toilet, as per West Flanders’ Public Prosecutor’s Office.
The assailant fled overnight from Monday to Tuesday, having been known to the law for a myriad of offences, including aggression of a police officer and various drug violations.
He had been wanted by West Flanders police for failing to comply with his previously imposed restrictions and he was located in Brussels, since which he had been incarcerated in a police cell.
Meanwhile, West Flinders Public Prosecutor Tom Janssens said, “But before we could transfer him, he broke the toilet in his cell and escaped via a little hole in the wall behind it.”
“Then he ended up in a corridor on level -1, where he was able to escape through a window,” he added.
The camera in his camera cell was defective at the time of the incident.


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