A 45-year-old Frenchman has died in the Quarte Bras de Tervuren tunnel on the Brussels Ring Road after being hit by another vehicle while pulling his broken-down car to a nearby hard shoulder.
The catastrophe took place at around 10:10 pm when the vehicle carrying the 45-year-old, his wife and four children broke down towards the end of the tunnel.
Due to the lack of a hard shoulder in that part of the tunnel, the driver attempted to push his vehicle a bit further down the road to clear the way.
However, another vehicle emerged at that time, and the driver was hit by the car as he was not able to notice it in time.
The victim was crushed between the vehicle and the concrete safety barrier, and despite emergency services immediately intervening, the man unfortunately died on the spot.
His family has subsequently been admitted to the hospital for counselling.
The driver of the other vehicle was a 25-year-old woman who tested negative for drugs and alcohol, who was mildly injured in the crash.


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