A fund is needed to be created to empower the functioning of the federal judicial police, public prosecutor’s office and criminal courts, Brussels Prosecutor General Johan Delmulle said on Thursday at a ceremony marking the formal start of the judicial year at the Brussels Appeal Court.
While the court is still analysing recommendations made by the Higher Council of Justice to be able to fulfill its mission despite the workload and limited resources, the Prosecutor General sees the creation of such a fund, partly financed by fines and settlements, as a way to promote faster criminal justice.
Delmulle said that, “The idea is in no way revolutionary. We are all familiar with the Road Safety Fund, of which the police, Mobility Department and Justice Department, among others, are beneficiaries.”
“Another very recent example is the bill aimed at modifying the Belgian Maritime Code,” which, he explained, includes the creation of a fund that will serve mainly to improve the enforcement of navigation laws, using 30% of the fines for breaches of the Maritime Code.
“I advocate the creation of such a fund for the Justice sector, in addition to the ordinary budget,” the Prosecutor General said.
“I note that the Minister of Justice declared, on 15 June 2022, with regard to the precarious situation of the federal judicial police, that he is not closed to this idea. Well, let’s develop it,” he added.


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