After a continuous incidents in the Alhambra district near Brussels North Station, the recent of which was a stabbing last Tuesday, the neighbourhood has been under extra police surveillance.
Localities have been complaining regarding nuisance for a very long time, which is “almost always related to drugs or prostitution,” as per the Alhambra neighbourhood committee.
A stabbing case reported on Tuesday at around 5:30 PM was the recent in a series of incidents in the area. The victim was taken to the hospital with several stab wounds, but his injuries were not life-threatening, and he has since been discharged. The investigation into the incident is still going on.
Meanwhile, Jan Leerman of the neighbourhood committee said that, “Last week, there was a brawl involving a homeless man. He had been causing a nuisance for quite some time.”
“Not much later, a fight broke out in the Rue de Laeken in which people started hitting each other with everything they could get their hands on: traffic signs, patio tables… Apple trees were even pulled out of flower boxes,” he added.
The Brussels-Capital/Ixelles police zone confirmed that they received two calls late on Monday evening for fights in the Alhambra district, but the people involved had already disappeared when a patrol arrived. The officers searched for those involved in the brawl based on information from a local resident, but to no avail.


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