Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office has recently released a statement issuing that, “the arrest warrant of a Brussels police officer detained for drug trafficking has been extended by a month.”
As per Flemish local media reports, a police investigation into drug trafficking resulted in the arrest of a Brussels-Midi police officer as well as three other suspects.
Police have traced 100 cannabis plantations, three of which were discovered beneath the policeman’s flat, as well as thousands of euros in cash.
The Public Prosecutor mentioned that the assailants have been placed “under an arrest warrant by probing judge in the framework of an investigation into the sale of narcotics, more precisely cannabis.”
According to the Brussels-Midi police zone, “The officer in question has since been suspended.”
 In addition to the police officer three Albanian men were also arrested.
The four suspects appeared before magistrates at a remand hearing held on Friday afternoon.
 It was decided that all four suspects should be remanded in custody for the next month. They can appeal against the magistrates’ decision. If they do, it will be up to the Chamber of Indictment to consider their appeal.


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