The Canadian government has made an announcement about the sanctions against “the murderous regime” in Iran and banned 10,000 people who are connected to the regime from ever going to Canada.
The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau said such sanctions are only imposed in the most serious of circumstances, such as following war crimes committed in Bosnia and Rwanda.
The majority of the people banned from taking entry into Canada are members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, IRGC, the elite corps at the service of the Chiite clergy that has ruled the nation since  1979. It was established that year as a sort of political stormtrooper unit to overshadow the potentially unreliable army and establish a strict Islamic republic.
Today, the IRGC is not only a military entity, but also an economic elite that is involved in everything and smothers any opposition. The elite corps is estimated to have at least 250,000 members.
There are currently major protests around Iran against the regime, which is hassling among other things, with deep, protracted economic crisis. The death in mid-September of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, after her arrest by the vice squad for violating a dress code, has ignited the recent wave of protests, which have left an estimated 60 people dead.
Mahsa Amini is said to have died as a result of police abuse, but the Iranian authorities say she succumbed to organ failure related to a brain surgery she underwent at the age of eight.


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