Australia: Fiction writer and Entertainment Journalist Nick Milligan had the pleasure of hosting a live Q&A session with Music Journalist Nick Cave. The Q&A Session occurred last night (Friday), October 20, 2023. He extended his pleasure and shared some updates from the Session.

Journalist Nick Milligan recently took to his official social media handle to share an update about the session.


He extended his pleasure and shared, “Not too shabby. To the new followers – welcome to the conversation! Last night, I had the immense honour of hosting a live Q&A with writer, poet, music journalist and Nick Cave biographer Mark Mordue.”

As per the Update, the event was the belated in-person launch of his eloquent and insightful biography of the young Nick Cave called BOY ON FIRE.

While reviewing the book, Nick Milligan shared that It was a fascinating conversation and book reading before an intimate crowd at ABICUS, a culturally influential retail premises in Newcastle, Australia, that’s long been immersed in the art scene.

Further, he shared that it was the day of Abicus’ 23rd birthday, so it was quite the celebration.

To honour and mark its celebration, Nick extended his pleasure, thanked Abicus proprietors Tim and Tiff, Two Gems, for the invitation to speak with Mark, and congratulated them on an incredible 23 years of Abicus.

Furthermore, while suggesting Nick Cave’s collection, he urged, “If you are a fan of Nick Cave, I cannot recommend Boy on Fire enough – it’s such a poetically written account of the Australian songwriter’s formative years – his childhood in Wangaratta, his influences, his girlfriends, and the birth of his seminal St Kilda punk band The Boys Next Door.”


“It’s also a historical document of the Melbourne music scene in the ’70s and ’80s and is full of so many colourful characters that orbited the young Nick Cave.” he asserted.




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