The EU Commission recommends that EU Member States grant Bosnia and Herzegovina candidate status for EU membership, provided that a number of decisions are made, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, said on Wednesday.
Speaking during a hearing in a committee of the EU Parliament, he said this was an offer to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, accompanied by high expectations” with regard to the authorities.
The expectations related to the priority adoption of measures relating to the integrity of justice, the prevention of conflicts of interest, the fight against corruption and organized crime, border management and the asylum system, the prevention of torture, respect for freedom of the press and protection of journalists, and even constitutional and electoral reform.
It will be up to EU heads of state and government to make the decision, probably at their summit next December, added the Hungarian commissioner.
In 2019, the Commission set out 14 key priorities with which the country must comply in view of the opening of EU accession negotiations. These priorities remain unchanged and must be met before any negotiations can be opened, according to the commissioner.