The Ministry of Youth and Sports in, in partnership with the National Training and Productivity Centre of Fiji National University, organised two weeks of 14 short courses for the district of Naceva in the Province of Kadavu.

A total of 117 participants, the majority of whom were youth members from the districts of Naceva, Nakasaleka, Tavuki, and Sanima, enrolled on the short courses.


The program offered various courses, including plumbing, carpentry, solar installation, flower arrangement, screen printing, business management, fibreglass repair, electrical work, joinery, sewing, cooking and baking, land use and minor engine repair.

The closing ceremony, held on Friday (03/11/2023), was officiated by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Jese Saukuru. During the ceremony, Minister Saukuru presented certificates to the participants to recognise their dedication and commitment to learning new skills.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Saukuru expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the participants for their successful completion of the program. He praised their determination and eagerness to acquire new skills, emphasising the importance of these skills in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

Minister Jese Saukuru thanked the Fiji National University for funding and supporting the training program. He commended FNU for their commitment to youth empowerment and skill development, highlighting the positive impact this program has had on the participants’ lives.

In his address, Minister Saukuru enlightened the participants on the importance of recognising and nurturing their talents. He emphasised that each person possesses unique abilities, and it is essential to explore and develop these talents to reach their full potential.

The participants were encouraged to continue self-improvement and growth beyond the training program. Minister Saukuru challenged them to remain proactive, motivated, and determined in their pursuit of success, assuring them that their newly acquired skills would be a valuable asset throughout their lives.