The Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Limited (FBC) announces the departure of its esteemed Chairperson, Ajay Amrit, who has been appointed as Fiji’s High Commissioner to Australia.

Amrit’s resignation from his role as Chairperson took effect on the 22nd of September, 2023.


During Amrit’s tenure as Chairperson, FBC achieved remarkable milestones in its financial performance within a remarkably short period of time.

The FBC Board of Directors, Executive Management, and its dedicated staff worked tirelessly to contribute to this success.
One notable accomplishment during Amrit’s leadership was the significant reduction in staff turnover, which decreased from an annual rate of 18% in previous years to just 12% in 2023.

Financially, FBC delivered outstanding results year on year, with performance metrics exceeding 100% compared to the same period in the previous year.

This success has positioned the company on a trajectory toward establishing a self-sustaining commercial operation while continuing to fulfil its Government Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) obligations.
Under Amrit’s guidance and the Board’s leadership, FBC nurtured a fair and balanced news reporting and broadcasting culture conducted without fear or favour.

Staff and management were empowered to think freely, fostering an environment of creativity with responsibility.

Furthermore, Amrit and the Board significantly contributed by reducing the government PSB fee by 40%, resulting in annual savings of over $4 million for taxpayers and citizens.


The Fijian Government extended their heartfelt gratitude to Amrit for his unwavering diligence and commitment during his tenure, and they also wished him the best in his new role as Fiji’s High Commissioner to Australia.

In light of Amrit’s departure, The Honorable Prime Minister, as Minister of Public Enterprises, is delighted to announce the appointment of Isoa Kaloumaira as the new Chairperson of Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Limited.

M. Kaloumaira is no stranger to the media environment, having previously served as the Chairman of Fiji Television Limited.

His extensive experience in directorial roles and his prestigious executive background, including positions such as CEO of Itaukei Trust Fund and director positions at New World Supermarket and Fijian Holdings Limited, make him a valuable addition to FBC’s leadership team.


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