The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin has undergone a drug test. She has made the following announcement on Friday.
Marin had been facing a storm full of questions from the media after her images surfaced over social media of a party she attended. The result of the drug test is expected to be coming next week.
During a media statement released on Friday, the Social Democratic politician said that, “I have never taken drugs in my life. I really wish that people would not make claims like this when there is no proof against this.”
On Thursday, a video was circulated through social networking sites in which the 36-year-old head of government could be seen celebrating, dancing and singing with friends. Some Finnish journalists claimed to have heard statements about drugs in the video.
Marin says she only drank alcohol that night and that she has no knowledge of anyone present who allegedly used drugs.
The Prime Minister has not hidden her outgoing lifestyle and has often been photographed at music festivals, including Finland’s recent Flow Festival.
Last year she apologised for coming into close contact with someone infected with Covid-19 after she had gone out clubbing.


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