In a significant development within the ongoing investigation into the atrocities committed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, a woman identified only as Sonia M., the former wife of Abdelnasser Benyoucef, head of the jihadist group’s external operations, has been charged with rape. 



This revelation emerged from a report published by Le Parisien on Saturday, shedding light on the harrowing experiences endured by victims of ISIS brutality.


The charges against Sonia M. stem from allegations made by a Yazidi woman who was just 16 years old when Benyoucef forcibly enslaved her. 


The victim accuses Sonia M. of not only raping her twice but also of being complicit in her husband’s repeated sexual assaults. 



Recounting her ordeal, the now 25-year-old survivor revealed that she endured over a month of captivity in Syria, where she was subjected to appalling conditions and denied basic human rights without Sonia M.’s consent.


However, Sonia M. vehemently denies the accusations leveled against her. In a March 14 interview with French investigators, she refuted the claims, asserting that only one instance of rape had occurred, committed by her former husband. 


She further contended that the victim had freedom of movement within the premises and had access to basic necessities, contradicting the victim’s harrowing testimony.


Responding to the charges, Sonia M.’s lawyer, Nabil Boudi, condemned them as “opportunistic accusations,” suggesting that prosecutors were attempting to hold his client accountable for crimes perpetrated by others due to their failure to apprehend the actual culprits. 


Meanwhile, an arrest warrant has been issued for Abdelnasser Benyoucef, marking a significant development in the pursuit of justice for the victims of ISIS atrocities.


The investigation initiated by France in 2016 aims to uncover and document the genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes committed against ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq and Syria since 2012. 


Focusing on the suffering endured by Yazidis, Christians, and members of the Sheitat tribe, the probe seeks to identify French nationals who were involved in perpetrating these heinous crimes as part of the ISIS organization.


The Prosecutor’s Office for the Fight Against Terrorism (PNAT) in France reiterated the objective of the investigation, emphasizing the importance of documenting these atrocities and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. 


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