Paris, France: In a move highlighting France’s firm stance against radicalism, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the swift expulsion of Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi following contentious remarks about the national flag.

The expulsion comes amidst heightened sensitivity regarding issues of religious tolerance and integration in the country.


Mahjoub Mahjoubi, a long-time resident of France with Tunisian origins, faced deportation after a video surfaced online where he appeared to denigrate a tricolor flag, widely assumed to be the French national flag, as “satanic” and devoid of value in the eyes of Allah.

Despite subsequent apologies citing his comments as a “slip of the tongue,” authorities moved swiftly to act on what they deemed as unacceptable rhetoric.

Minister Darmanin, citing France’s recent immigration reforms, applauded the efficiency of the deportation process, emphasizing the government’s commitment to upholding national values and combating radical ideologies.

The expulsion order accused Mahjoubi of promoting regressive and intolerant interpretations of Islam, potentially inciting behaviors contrary to the principles of the Republic.

According to reports, Mahjoubi’s teachings were deemed to foster discrimination against women, tensions within religious communities, and even the risk of jihadist radicalization.

His alleged reference to Jewish people as “the enemy” further heightened concerns over his influence within the community.


The deportation of Mahjoubi less than 12 hours after his arrest underscores the government’s resolve to swiftly address perceived threats to public order.

Minister Darmanin reiterated the necessity of France’s immigration reforms, which have streamlined deportation procedures for foreign residents deemed to pose a significant risk.

France’s immigration legislation has faced scrutiny for its perceived reduction in protections for foreign residents. However, proponents argue that the reforms are essential for safeguarding national security and preserving the values of the Republic.

Critics, on the other hand, express concerns about potential abuses of power and infringement upon individual rights.

Mahjoub Mahjoubi’s expulsion marks a significant development in France’s ongoing efforts to confront radicalism and promote social cohesion.

However, it also raises questions about the balance between national security imperatives and individual freedoms, particularly within the context of religious expression.

As Mahjoubi boards a flight back to Tunisia, his legal representatives have indicated plans to appeal the deportation order.

The case is likely to reignite debates surrounding freedom of speech, religious tolerance, and the limits of state intervention in matters of faith and ideology.

In the wake of this incident, France finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the complexities of multiculturalism and the imperative to maintain social harmony amidst diverse religious and cultural landscapes.

The swift expulsion of Mahjoub Mahjoubi serves as a stark reminder of the government’s unwavering commitment to confronting extremism in all its forms, even as it navigates the delicate balance between security and individual liberties.


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