The date of the preview screening of TheBatman has been released. On March 1, 2022, the preview screening of TheBatman would be taken place in the biggest cinema in Europe named ‘Le Grand Rex‘. While the movie called TheBatman will be released and come in theatres on March 4, 2022, across the globe.


Meanwhile, on Sunday, February 6, 2022, the motion poster of the TheBatman has also dismissed. Moreover, the picture of the helmet of the TheBatman has also been released.

The movie is 175 minutes long and based on the superhero genre. People across the globe have excitedly waited for the picture as the movie has seen many shifts in its release date.

The movie featured Robert Pattinson, who will play the main lead of the picture called Batman/Bruce Wayne. The decision of the name of the main has been gone through many impediments. It was also reported that Matt Reeves, a director of the film, had two people to select on his wishlist named Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult. Both the heroes have worked in the Beast in X-Men, and after so much discussion, directors have selected Pattinson as Batman.


However, the screening of the film is not the worldwide premiere, and it could happen that every case would join the screening of the film. But nothing has been declared officially yet.

Further, the screening would be taken place at the Grand Rex, which is crowned as the largest cinema in Europe. The cinema was inaugurated in 1932 in France and is also well renowned as a

France: ‘Le Grand Rex’ cinema to launch preview screening of ‘TheBatman’

historical monument and recognizable by its Art Deco facade and contains at least a 2-hour visit of a person to roam around the cinema.


The Grand Rex had seven halls in 1984, and then it became eight in 1990 and also set different trends to become the largest cinema in Europe. The Grand Rex and its Art deco facade were invented in the Monument Historique in 1981.

The cinema hall consisted of 2700 seats and made of comfortable leather chairs for the orchestra and has perfect length too.


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