In a strategic move underscoring France’s commitment to bolstering international security alliances, Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu recently announced the continued transfer of decommissioned weapons and equipment from the French Armed Forces to Ukraine.

Addressing concerns raised about potential vulnerabilities to France’s security, Minister Lecornu emphasized the significance of this decision amidst the nation’s ambitious plans for military modernization.


The statement comes at a pivotal juncture, as geopolitical tensions continue to simmer, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Amidst ongoing conflicts and regional instability, France’s support for Ukraine not only underscores its dedication to upholding international norms but also serves as a testament to its role as a staunch advocate for global peace and security.

Highlighting the nature of the transferred weaponry, Minister Lecornu clarified that the equipment destined for Ukraine falls within the category of decommissioned arms, such as the AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles.

These transfers coincide with France’s phased transition to more advanced military assets, exemplified by the replacement of ageing equipment with cutting-edge technologies like the EBRC Jaguar armoured fighting vehicles.

Moreover, Minister Lecornu provided reassurances regarding the replenishment of the French Armed Forces’ arsenal, citing substantial investments aimed at expanding weapons production.

With a commitment exceeding €413 billion slated for 2024-2030, France remains steadfast in its endeavour to bolster arms manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the nation’s readiness to address evolving security challenges.

Addressing concerns about potential gaps in artillery training resulting from equipment transfers, Minister Lecornu acknowledged the importance of maintaining operational proficiency.

While admitting that certain artillery units may require additional training, he underscored France’s proactive measures to address such shortcomings. Notably, the country is scaling up the production of Caesar self-propelled howitzers, with plans to acquire over a hundred units to bolster its artillery capabilities.

France’s military modernization efforts extend beyond equipment transfers, with the implementation of the Scorpion program marking a significant milestone in enhancing the land component’s capabilities.

As part of this comprehensive initiative, a substantial number of VAB armoured personnel carriers are slated for retirement, paving the way for the integration of state-of-the-art wheeled armoured vehicles.

In alignment with these objectives, France is poised to order an additional 130 wheeled armoured vehicles to supplement those transferred to Ukraine.

This strategic decision not only reinforces France’s commitment to its Ukrainian partners but also underscores its proactive approach to modernizing and fortifying its armed forces against emerging threats.

The partnership between France and Ukraine transcends mere military transactions; it embodies a shared commitment to upholding democratic values and safeguarding international security.

By extending a helping hand to Ukraine, France reaffirms its stance against aggression and its unwavering support for nations striving to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, France’s proactive engagement in bolstering international security alliances underscores its pivotal role as a global leader.

Through concerted efforts to modernize its armed forces and strengthen partnerships with like-minded nations, France remains steadfast in its pursuit of a safer, more secure world for all.


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