Paris, France – June 7, 2024: In a significant move underscoring solidarity with Ukraine amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions, French President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to supply Mirage 2000 aircraft to the Ukrainian military.

The announcement came during an interview with French television, wherein President Macron highlighted France’s commitment to bolstering Ukraine’s defense capabilities.


The decision, set to be officially unveiled by the French cabinet on Friday, coincides with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to commemorate the anniversary of the Normandy landings.

While specifics regarding the number of aircraft, delivery timeline, and financial arrangements were not disclosed during Macron’s interview, he emphasized France’s unwavering support for Ukraine.

President Macron revealed that Ukrainian pilots would undergo training in France starting this summer, a crucial step in ensuring the effective utilization of the Mirage 2000 aircraft.

Additionally, France has proposed to train 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers, further strengthening Ukraine’s military readiness.

Despite France’s commitment to supporting Ukraine, Macron clarified that there are currently no French military instructors stationed on Ukrainian soil.

This distinction underscores France’s approach of providing assistance while respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.


The decision to supply Mirage 2000 aircraft aligns with broader efforts to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities amid ongoing conflicts in the region.

The Mirage 2000, a multirole combat aircraft known for its versatility and performance, is expected to significantly bolster Ukraine’s aerial defense capabilities.

France’s provision of military support to Ukraine marks a significant development in the evolving dynamics of European security.

It underscores France’s willingness to play a proactive role in promoting stability and security in the region, particularly in the face of external threats.

The announcement comes at a critical juncture, with tensions between Ukraine and Russia simmering amidst ongoing territorial disputes and geopolitical maneuvering.

By extending tangible support to Ukraine, France sends a clear message of solidarity with its Eastern European ally.

President Macron’s announcement reflects a broader trend of European nations reaffirming their commitment to collective security and defense cooperation.

It also highlights the importance of international partnerships in addressing complex security challenges.

As Ukraine continues to navigate geopolitical uncertainties and security threats, France’s gesture of support serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity.

The provision of Mirage 2000 aircraft underscores France’s commitment to standing by Ukraine in its pursuit of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Looking ahead, the delivery of Mirage 2000 aircraft and the training of Ukrainian military personnel are poised to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities, contributing to regional stability and security.

The French-Ukrainian partnership stands as a testament to the enduring bonds of solidarity and cooperation in the face of shared challenges.


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