Ghana, France: A Governmental Organization named France Volunteers Ghana participated in a Fale Fale’s beach cleanup Activity on Saturday, September 9, 2023. The Volunteer team embarked on a journey to Chatta Beach in Jamestown, a coastal town in Accra.

The French Volunteers Ghana had a special mission in mind: to join the Falefale beach cleanup activity, spearheaded by none other than the talented artist and musician Gasmilla.


Fale Fale, a grassroots organization founded by Gasmilla, has become a beacon of hope in the fight against environmental challenges in Jamestown. Gasmilla, known for his catchy tunes and rhythmic beats, has channelled his passion and influence toward a cause that truly matters – preserving the beauty of Chatta Beach and its surroundings.

As the French Volunteers Ghana arrived at Chatta Beach, the scene was bustling. Young people from the community had gathered with an unwavering commitment to making a difference. 

The sound of laughter and camaraderie filled the air as everyone shared a common goal – to rid their beloved beach of plastic waste, debris, and other pollutants.

Gasmilla was at the forefront of the cleanup efforts, setting an inspiring example for all. With a determined look and a trash picker in hand, he dove headfirst into the task at hand. His presence seemed to invigorate the volunteers, who followed suit with enthusiasm and dedication.

The cleanup operation was meticulous and thorough. We combed the beach, sifting through the sands to ensure no piece of litter was left behind. Plastic bottles, food wrappers, and discarded items washed ashore were swiftly collected and placed into bags. 

The sense of accomplishment grew with each bag filled, knowing that every piece of trash removed from the beach was a step toward a cleaner, healthier environment.


As the day progressed, it was clear that this event was more than just a cleanup; it was a community coming together, united by a shared passion for their environment.

The impact of Gasmilla’s initiative extended beyond the physical cleanup. It ignited a spark of environmental consciousness among the youth of Jamestown. 

Many of them spoke passionately about their newfound commitment to reducing waste and being stewards of their coastal paradise. Gasmilla’s ability to mobilize and inspire this generation was genuinely remarkable.

Once marred by litter, the beach now stood as a testament to the power of community action. The smiles on the faces of the volunteers, young and old, told a story of hope, resilience, and determination.

The French Volunteer’s visit to Fale Fale’s beach cleanup activity was not just about removing trash; it was a journey of inspiration, unity, and a reminder that positive change begins with caring individuals. 

Gasmilla, through his music and commitment to his community, demonstrated that artists can be powerful advocates for the environment.

Reportedly, The France Volunteers in Ghana is a Governmental Organisation in Ghana. It also provides a French Platform for International Exchange and Solidarity Volunteering.

France Volontaires Organisation supports those involved in volunteering, candidates, volunteers, reception or sending structures.

 The platform’s missions are determined in the Objectives and Performance Contract signed between France Volontaires and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. They specifically aim at:-

  • Promote commitments
  • Animate the network
  • Accompany everywhere in the world
  • Innovate
  • Advise and guide
  • Inform
  • Value experience



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