In a significant victory for cybersecurity and justice, 22-year-old French hacker Sébastien Raoult, a vital member of the notorious ShinyHunters hacking group, has been sentenced to three years in a United States prison.

The sentence comes after Raoult’s involvement in a sophisticated cybercrime operation that spanned over two years, resulting in the theft of personal and financial information from hundreds of millions of individuals.


The ShinyHunters group, known for orchestrating large-scale data breaches and selling the stolen data on the dark web, utilized Raoult’s expertise in creating fake login pages.

These deceptive interfaces served as the gateway to the extensive raiding of unsuspecting users’ sensitive information.

According to Sarah Vogel of the US District Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Washington state, the impact of Raoult’s actions was severe.

“For over two years, Mr Raoult participated in extensive computer hacking that caused millions of dollars in losses to victim companies and unmeasurable additional losses to hundreds of millions of individuals whose data was sold to other criminals,” she stated.

Raoult’s motives, Vogel emphasized, were purely driven by greed. His criminal activities included selling hacked data, stealing cryptocurrency from victims, and even trading his hacking tools to fellow cybercriminals, contributing to the perpetuation of further attacks.

The international nature of cybercrime was highlighted by Raoult’s arrest in Morocco in May 2022, where he was later extradited to the United States.


Initially denying all charges, Raoult eventually pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. He acknowledged guilt and remorse during Tuesday’s hearing in the US District Court in Seattle.

“I understand my mistakes, and I want to put that part behind me,” Raoult stated, according to the US District Attorney’s Office. “No more hacking. I don’t want to disappoint my family again.”

The gravity of Raoult’s crimes and his willingness to take responsibility influenced the sentencing. Raoult has been ordered to pay more than $5 million in restitution along with the three-year prison term.

This financial penalty aims to compensate the victims for the tangible losses incurred as a result of the massive data breaches orchestrated by ShinyHunters.

The case underscores the ongoing battle against cybercrime and the importance of international collaboration in bringing perpetrators to justice.

The ShinyHunters group has been responsible for several high-profile data breaches, and Raoult’s conviction represents a significant step in dismantling this criminal network.

The sentencing also sends a clear message to other cybercriminals that their actions will not go unpunished.

As technology continues to advance, law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity experts are constantly adapting their strategies to counteract evolving threats and protect individuals and businesses from falling victim to such malicious activities.

While Raoult faces the consequences of his actions, the broader fight against cybercrime remains an ongoing challenge.

The case serves as a reminder of the need for heightened cybersecurity measures, public awareness, and international cooperation to safeguard the digital landscape from those seeking to exploit its vulnerabilities for personal gain.


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