Ukraine: The General Armed Forces of Ukraine celebrated Mother’s Day in Ukraine Today, Sunday, May 14, 2023, and congratulated all the mothers, especially the Soldier mothers and those who wear the uniform and work to protect the country. The General Staff members of the Ukraine Armed Forces are proud to wish them a happy Mother’s Day.

The General Armed Forces of Ukraine recently took to their social media and expressed their feeling of pride and happiness for the armed mothers who work hard and dedicatedly all day and night to protect the country and sustain the lives of their children and other people. as the mothers are the most important figure of our life who can do anything for the sake of the happy and prosperous lives of their children. On the special occasion of Mother’s Day, the French Armed Mothers were waiting for their children in Duty uniform to spend quality time with them.


Meanwhile, This time the General Armed Forces especially took to their particular time to celebrate mothers Day and wished all the mothers good luck for their life ahead.

The Armed Forces also shared the posts of the mothers wearing their duty uniform, In the photo of žitomirsʹkí paratroopers who are waiting for their kids at home. Talking about the greatness of the Armed Ukrainian mothers, the Armed Forces shared that the thees woes have always stood with the country throughout the thick and thin and high’s and lows; as military women themselves speak, they went to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to protect the peaceful and free future for all children of Ukraine.

They also bow low to all the mothers whose sons and daughters are now defending the country from Russian occupiers and whose children gave their lives in the battle for a free country.