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One of the hallmarks of the upcoming Material You design language (included in Android 12) is an application that maps itself based on its current wallpaper. There are signs that the Android version of Chrome is preparing to support Material You’s color theme. Material You will update Material Design on Android and higher and improve the material theme from 2018.

 In addition to the card and UI changes, adding more obvious rounded corners and the like, the Material You logo is an improved color system, mobile Android from light/dark binary themes to almost unlimited custom color schemes, based on Your current wallpaper. The best way to use the Material You color system, as our Dylan Roussel explained, application developers will want to use a new color API that will always return the appropriate hue. After the configuration is complete, Android 12 will handle the necessary color changes for you. So, where does Chrome fit all of these? Earlier this month, Chromium released a new code change that began to redesign Chrome for Android handles its Material Design colors. In the comments, we found that two developers were discussing how Chrome tried to use these colors. In this discussion, he realized that Chrome needs “another layer” of work to “conditionally obtain the following colors from the material.” Before the name “Material You” was exposed on Google I/O, Google employees referred to the third generation of Material Design as “Material NEXT.” This name seemed to be stuck, at least internally. 

We can assume that Google is actively thinking about how to integrate Material You’s chameleon feature into Chrome for Android. This will mark a major change in the Chrome mobile version because today, the application only provides light/dark switching, and there is no sign that desktop browsers provide broader theme support. At present, it is not clear which parts of Chrome Android or even how many may be adjusted by Material You. Using the recently discovered work to change the appearance of Google Messages as a basis, we have built a simple model that demonstrates the potential ways Chrome can make nuances in a non-destructive way. That being said, considering that this work has not yet started, and the material will not be released normally until Android 12 is released later this year, we may still have a long way to go before Chrome for Android is re-colored. By then, it will become one of Material You’s many Google apps, adding apps such as Gboard and Messages. 

Google released the first public beta version of Android 12 last month, and the second version has been released. This update brings some privacy features of the final version announced at the I/O conference. I installed the latest version on Google Pixel 5, telling you that the user interface looks better visually. There are more contrasts throughout the interface. The first version of the high-volume slider has been updated, and it doesn’t look so ridiculous anymore. We expect Google will continue to adjust the interface during the Android 12 beta.

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Google Chrome may soon adapt to Android 12’s Material You color theming