Greece is planning to introduce stricter measures to reduce the number of migrants and asylum seekers who are crossing the Maritsa River, which forms part of the border with Turkey, as per the local Greek public broadcaster announced on Wednesday.
The government of Greece has said that it is executing the fence on the northeastern border, now 40 kilometres long, by 80 km. The border guard will be reinforced, and new electronic control devices will be installed.
Furthermore, additional patrol boats and aircraft will be made available to the Coast Guard patrolling the eastern Aegean Sea, along the maritime border with Turkey.
Meanwhile, Civil Defence Minister Takis Theodorikakos, said, “During the month of August alone, which is not yet over, 25,000 people tried to enter through the Greece-Turkey border.”
At the same time, Human rights organisations fear migrants will be illegally returned to Turkey, in so-called “pushbacks.” However, Athens repeatedly declares that the security services protect Europe’s borders in accordance with the international law.


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