Ivo Jurak, a former official of the Estonian Defense Forces, got slaughtered in Bakhmut. The Estonian newspaper Postimees informed that this is the maiden Estonian nationalist who perished in the Ukraine war.


Yura died as a result of fierce artillery shelling in Bakhmut. Since the autumn of last year, he has battled as a portion of the Ukrainian International Legion. The Estonian newspaper Postimees writes that he was in reserve after serving in the defence forces. This is the first Estonian whose death in Ukraine became known.

Ukraine claims that the Bakhmut battle is crumbling down Russia’s best units; that’s why Zelensky’s men choose to go full offensive in the ruined city of Bakhmut because the battle has pinned down Russia’s best troops and delayed their mission to take control over the territory.

Ukrainian forces also claim heavy loss of Russian equipment such as tanks, cruise missiles and manpower.

Instead of an Estonian officer, many volunteers from several countries lost their lives while fighting for Ukraine. A Twitter user @every1_you_know shared a picture where he displayed multinational volunteers who perished on the battlefield trying to defend Ukraine against Russian forces.

The majority of them are from Georgia. The post said more than fifty Georgian nationalists died in the conflict. The other liquidated volunteers were from the USA, France, Poland, Canada and other countries.


From Bakhmut, Russia has pushed closer to the Ukrainian city, with PMC Wagner Group mercenaries planting the Wagner flag on a war monument in the city’s eastern part. Surprisingly, they didn’t plant the Russian flag.

After more than seven months of battle in the area, a senior commander stated that the Ukrainian military was preparing for a counterattack in Bakhmut on Sunday.

Ukraine’s foreign minister has requested that Germany begin training Ukrainian pilots to fly Western combat jets and accelerate ammunition deliveries.


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