A Japanese cop gets tipsy after drinking too much, fell asleep on the street and lost investigation documents which includes the personal information of around 400 people, including a criminal suspect, police and local media have reported.
The 49-year-old officer from the Hyogo region (western Japan) lost a bag, which was containing the documents in question between 11:00 PM Friday evening and 05:00 AM Saturday, an official said on Monday. These documents includes the names & addresses of people involved in criminal investigations, he said, without giving further details.
As per the major Japanese media, the officer in question went out for a drink as well as colleagues & fell asleep on the road on his way home. When he woke up near a railway station, he did not discovered the bag and documents containing the personal information of around 400 people, including a suspect.
Moreover, it is not the first time officials have found themselves in embarrassing situations after drinking sessions. In June, Amagasaki authorities said that an entrepreneur had lost a bag containing a USB key containing the personal data of all 460,000 residents, after going out for a drink and falling asleep in the open air on the way home. The USB key had however been found a day after the revelation of the case by the municipality.


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