Plovdiv, Bulgaria: A Community Organisation named GDG Plovdiv has recently made a Speaker announcement of a Dynamic Duo, Nikolay Chotorov and Paulina Chotrova, for a two-hour exceptional announcement at DevFest Plovdiv 23 and SpinOff Bulgaria Conference today, September 28, 2023, at 18:00.

The Speakers, Nikolay Chotorov and Paulina Chotrova were thrilled to present two visionary leaders who bring their unique expertise to the stage.

 Nikolay Chotrov, Group CTO of CHD Group & Organiser GDG Plovdiv

 Paulina Chotrova, Group CEO of CHD Group & Organiser GDG Plovdiv.

They will address the workshop on “Empowering Businesses & Organisations: A Workshop on Generative AI in Google Cloud.”

While sharing the above update, GDG Plovdiv has urged the audience to Join them for a dynamic workshop where Nikolay and Paulina combine their talents to explore the transformative power of Generative AI within the Google Cloud ecosystem. 

As per GDG Plovdiv, This workshop is a must-attend for organisations looking to harness cutting-edge technology for enhanced productivity and sustainable growth.

 About Nikolay Chotrov:

Nikolay Chotrov, a serial entrepreneur and deep tech explorer, is dedicated to making technology accessible and beneficial. His expertise ranges from robotics in manufacturing to software development and innovative prosthetics. Nikolay’s passion lies in addressing real-world problems through technology.

 About Paulina Chotrova:

Paulina Chotrova, Group CEO of PSK and CHD Group, is a digital transformation maven with over eight years of experience. She and Nikolay are also the founders of ParaWaste, a startup using blockchain and AI to tackle environmental challenges.

 Paulina’s commitment to innovation extends to her role as the founder of Women In DeepTech, where she promotes diversity and collaboration in the deep tech industry.

This workshop promises to be an unforgettable fusion of technical prowess and visionary leadership. Join us to gain insights into the frontiers of technology, empowerment, and sustainable growth.

Register here: or by choosing the workshop.

At last, GDG Bulgaria also has people to Mark their calendars for September 28, 2023, at 18:00, and be part of this exceptional workshop at DevFest Plovdiv ’23 & SpinOff Bulgaria Conference.



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