The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Safety has reported that Norwegian residents whose passport have not been restored after the pandemic can now make a trip to Greece with lapsed identifications.

In an explanation given keep going week, on June 24, the Ministry expressed that Norwegians will want to head out to Greece with expired passports for the rest of 2022, as per the reports.


“From the Norwegian side, the plan implies that individuals beyond 16 years old recognize themselves with an identification that terminates for under three years prior to entering Greece,” the assertion peruses.

As indicated by the Ministry, youngsters younger than 16 can be related to a passport that has lapsed under a year prior to entering Greece. In any case, divided travel papers can not be utilized.

In such a manner, Emilie Enger Mehl, Minister of Justice and Emergency Management called attention that she feels better getting this reaction from the Greek specialists, which permits Norwegian residents to use an expired passport as ID reports while heading out to Greece.

“However, it is vital to know that there is a gamble related to voyaging abroad without the standard legitimate ID. We have no assurance that the authorities’ data about the plan will arrive at all tours and the travel industry. Tourists are additionally prescribed to utilize non-stop flights,” she added.

Taking everything into account, they have a more limited legitimacy period, and the one-year limit has proactively been set, in addition to other things, to consider the risk of youngster snatching.

Minister Mehl likewise expressed that a few nations in Europe have presented new principles for COVID-19, encouraging everybody to really take a look at current travel exhortation and travel protection prior to leaving for their excursion.


On June 13, the Norwegian officials likewise asked the relevant experts in European Union nations to permit Norwegian residents with terminated identifications to enter their region.

The holding up chance to get another passport in Norway is assessed to require as long as ten weeks because of the quantity of Norwegians proposing to reestablish their travel papers which they can’t recharge during the pandemic.

Norwegian local media revealed that around 90,000 Norwegian residents were trusting that their international IDs would be renewed toward the start of June.

Norwegian residents are likewise permitted to enter A Turkish area just with a character card, without an identification. This arrangement will stay successful for the rest of the year too.

Nations other than Norway and Sweden, including Italy, France, and Germany, have additionally announced troubles in protecting their residents with public identification on time. The two fundamental purposes for such deferrals are to be Brexit and the returning of boundaries for sightseers under the passage assistance estimates after over two years.


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