Warsaw, Poland: Information and technology-based company Mltrix is delighted to announce the launch of their new web application, ConsultNepal. Pl, for the Honorary Consulate of Warsaw, a groundbreaking achievement in uniting the Polish and Nepali communities. 

This web application is a gateway for people to explore the rich and diverse cultures of Nepal and Poland. Dive into traditions, customs, and values that make these nations unique and fascinating. 


This time, Mltrix has made several upgrades to the web application. They have made access to essential services a breeze. Whether one’s seeking visa support, passport renewal, or updates on upcoming events. The Mltrix platform is designed to serve people around the clock, providing information and assistance at their convenience. 

The Mltirx is a place where people can learn, grow and explore the possibilities in the field of Technology.

The Mltrix is not just based on providing services to the people but also on building connections. The online community offers a place for like-minded individuals passionate about cultural exchange and unity. From educational programs to lively events, there’s something for everyone.

 About the Honorary Consulate of Nepal in Warsaw 

A historical moment was the establishment of the Honorary Consulate of Warsaw, led by the remarkable Dr. Bodh Raj Subedi. Dr. Subedi’s unwavering dedication, coupled with his expertise as an oncologist, has positively impacted countless lives through critical cancer treatments. 

His tireless work alongside his wife, Dr Aline Subedi, has earned them well-deserved recognition as esteemed medical professionals in Poland and the Nepal community.


Beyond their medical practice, Dr. Bodh Raj Subedi and Dr. Aline Subedi have selflessly supported the Nepali community in Poland. Their contributions span linguistic assistance, employment opportunities, awareness programs, and engaging cultural events that bridge the Polish and Nepali communities, often featuring talented Nepali artists.

This historic event reflects the trust placed in the Organisation by the Honorary Consulate and his wife. The Mltrix are privileged to have created an informative web application as a digital bridge between the Polish and Nepali communities.

Join this exciting journey of cultural exploration, community engagement, and digital connection. To Explore and engage, visit:- [https://consulatenepal.pl/]



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