Poland is planning to ink an agreement with South Korea for the acquisition of tanks, howitzers and three squadrons of aircraft next week, as revealed by defence minister Mariusz Blaszczak on Friday.

It would be another purchase into the collection of Poland’s army in recent times after a continuous purchasing of military equipments in an attempt to push national defence in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


As per reports, Blaszczak said, “Next week, we will ink an agreement with South Korea on the acquisition of military equipment, weapons, proven weapons for the Polish military.”

Blaszczak added, “The first cannon howitzers and tanks should arrive in Poland later this year, followed next year by the first aircraft.”

As per the statement released by the defence minister, “Poland intends to buy 48 FA-50 fighter aircraft, 180 K2 tanks from South Korea. It is not yet clear how many K9 cannon howitzers Poland will be able to buy, although the minister has indicated that it is intending to purchase “as many howitzers as possible.”

Blaszczak mentioned, “Resulting, the defence capabilities of the Republic of Poland will increase by leaps and bounds. We want it to happen as fast as possible, we are aware of the challenges that Poland faces relating to the war in Ukraine, we are aware of Putin’s aggressive policy, Putin’s attempt to recreate the Russian empire.”



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