Poland: An Environmental Conservation Organisation that aims to set up Compostable and eco-friendly Packaging, called Znika, is set to be featured in the Innovation Hub Brochure. This Brochure is a window to look into Poland’s Vibrant Startup Scene.

The Innovation Hub Foundation officially directs the Innovation Hub Brochure. The Foundation is a Poland-based Non-Governmental Organisation or an international hub focusing on technology transfer among youths.


The Innovations Hub Foundation has prepared a brochure containing 20 innovative startups, including ZNIKA, offering a glimpse into Poland’s thriving innovation landscape. 

Representatives of the Innovations Hub Foundation at Expand North Star Dubai 2023 handed out the Brochure. One can also access it online:


The Innovation Hub Brochure 2023 is financed by the National Freedom Institute – Center for the Development of Civil Society from the Civil Society Organisations Development Programme for 2018-2030. It is the Committee for Public Benefit.

Reportedly, Znika, An Environmental Charitable Organisation has been keeping its eyes closely to launch the projects who has been working on sustainable packaging practises in e-commerce shops and industries.

Previously, Znika partnered with Allegro and Fundacja Brandy Lab to launch an educational project about sustainable packaging practices in e-commerce shops.


Their first step is a webinar, which would be conducted with tips on how to package their products in a more sustainable way. 

Michał Kruszyński and Jakub Śwircz, the event hosts, will share insights and the latest trends in ecological packaging with their audience.

The Znika has already marked some tips on how one can use Eco-Friendly packaging and how to let the customers know that they use eco-friendly packaging.

The following are the mentioned tips:-

  1. Consider adding labels or notes to the orders that describe what materials one uses for product packaging and shipping.
  2. Take advantage of the opportunity to personalize their packaging – print directly on the packaging critical information such as where to throw the packaging, what materials it’s made of, etc.
  3. One must remember to make their packaging genuinely eco-friendly. It is best to choose certified organic packaging.



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