Ontario, Canada: Port Stanely Festival Theatre recently announced the opening of a new production crew in the 2023 season in Canada, Ontario and expressed their pleasure to welcome the new faces in the festival.

The Port Stanely Festival Theatre, which is a 200 seats theatre in Canada, organises the summer theatre every year and highlights the great work of Canada in terms of Comedy, Drama and Musical-comedy—organised the Port Stanely Festival Theatre 2023, which will take place in Canada from Tuesday, May 23, to Friday, September 8, 2023. The information was shared by them on their social media handle recently.

This year, With songs like Sundown, For Loving Me, Early Morning Rain, Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Did She Mention My Name, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Black Day in July, If You Could Read My Mind, Carefree Highway, Rainy Day People, Song For a Winter’s Night, Ribbon of Darkness, Alberta Bound, I’m Not Sayin’, Bitter Green, Cotton Jenny, Pussy Willows Cat-Tails and more, The Festival will just continue to give more hits to take place in the country.

The Port Stanely Festival organising team is excited to welcome a predominantly new and enthusiastic production crew to their 2023 season. As per the information, this year, the Port Stanely Festival have a multi-talented team of individuals, full of new faces from various backgrounds, including emerging professionals, students from some of the top theatre schools in the province, and passionate theatre lovers from our local communities.” Joe Recchia, PSFT Production Manager.

Port Stanely Festival Theatre expressed their excitement and pleasure to introduce the opening of the new festival 2023 with new themes and shows and shared a poster on their social media introducing their team and volunteers behind the festival with the caption stated, “The summer theatre season starts in one week on Tuesday, May 23, with its opening show “Early Morning Rain: The Legend of Gordon Lightfoot: starring Leisa Way and The Wayward Wind Band. Tickets are available at www.psft.ca or call 519-782-4353″.


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