Queensland, Australia: The Queensland Department of Education highlighted some Corinda State High School specialities it offers its students to prepare them to learn practical workplace skills. It also introduced Corinda’s Year 11 student, Lelena, who works as an Assistant Nurse.

As per the Department of Education, the Corinda State High School offers various Vocational Education and Training (VET) to assist students in learning practical workplace skills to prepare for employment.

The Department further introduced their Year 11 student, Lelena, who is currently studying Certificate III in Assisted Health Services. Her qualification at Corinda enabled Lelena to work as an Assistant in Nursing after pursuing her high school.

It also emphasised the quality of education it provides to its students.

The shared information has stated that Corinda State High School’s entry-level course equips participants with theory and practical training. Theory components include infection prevention, interpreting medical terminology, and recognising healthy body systems.

Year 11, Lelena says, “In practicals, we test ourselves on everything from transporting patients throughout a hospital to dealing with difficult clientele present in medical settings.”

Lelena’s interest in healthcare was piqued during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I was inspired by how all the workers were doing everything they could to help everyone,” she says.

“Since then, I’ve found myself fascinated by the progress medicine is making in creating a healthier future, and I want to make a contribution.
“With this Certificate, I hope to achieve the next level of education to lead me to my future career in medicine.

“I also hope to strengthen my skills not just as a future medical worker but as a person too.” she continued while sharing her experience at Corinda.

Notably, All VET placements are coordinated by Corinda’s Senior Schooling team, who maintain relationships with training providers and industry partners.




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