PARIS, May 27, 2024 – Long in doubt and plagued by injury, Rafael Nadal, the indomitable king of clay, returns to the French Open for what may be his final performance. 

As he steps onto the hallowed courts of Roland-Garros for his 19th tournament, the atmosphere is thick with nostalgia and reverence. His first opponent, Germany’s Alexander Zverev, awaits him on Monday in what promises to be a poignant encounter.


Nadal’s storied career at Roland Garros is the stuff of legend. Fourteen titles over nineteen years have cemented his status as one of the greatest tennis players of all time

Yet, this year, his participation has an air of finality. “There is a good chance that it will be my last French Open, but I cannot say that I am 100% certain it will be the last,” Nadal revealed to a packed room of 150 journalists on Saturday, May 25.

A Career Forged in Clay

Rafael Nadal’s relationship with the French Open is a love affair that has captivated tennis fans worldwide. 

The Philippe-Chatrier court, where he has etched his name into the annals of tennis history, is more than just a battlefield; it is a sanctum where Nadal’s relentless spirit and unparalleled skill have shone brightest.

But now, at 38, Nadal’s once-mighty physique is a shadow of its former self. 

His left foot, anesthetized to allow him to win his 14th title, his left hip, surgically repaired, and his abdomen all bear the scars of his Herculean efforts. 


“It’s not my decision, it’s my body’s decision. I don’t think I deserve to finish like this. That’s why I’m making one last effort so that my end doesn’t come here at a press conference,” he declared with a mixture of determination and resignation.

The Long Road to Paris

Nadal’s journey back to Roland-Garros has been fraught with challenges. After a painful withdrawal from last year’s tournament, he faced a long and arduous recovery. 

His announcement from Manacor, his home in Mallorca, was a solemn moment for fans and the tennis community alike. He had hoped to return, but his body had other plans.

The Majorcan’s return to the circuit in January 2024 was brief and fraught with setbacks. In Brisbane, abdominal pain forced him to retire early, preventing him from serving. 

This latest injury was a cruel twist for the 22-time Grand Slam champion, whose career has been defined by his ability to overcome physical adversity.

Yet, Nadal persisted. Two brief appearances in Barcelona and Madrid in April were met with an outpouring of support from his home crowd. Despite his faltering form, the fans’ loyalty never wavered. 

In Rome, spectators serenaded him with chants of “Arrivederci Rafa,” a heartfelt tribute to a player who has given so much to the sport.

A Shadow of His Former Self

For the first time in his career at Roland-Garros, Nadal enters the tournament unseeded, ranked 276th in the world. He faces the fourth-seeded Zverev, who is not the favorite. 

But Nadal’s legacy is not measured by current rankings or seedings; it is defined by his indomitable will and extraordinary accomplishments on Paris’s clay courts.

The Philippe-Chatrier court, which once trembled under the ferocity of his game, now welcomes him back as a revered elder statesman. 

His shadow may have shrunk, but the respect and admiration he commands are undiminished. As Nadal steps onto the court, the echoes of past victories will surely resound in the hearts of his supporters.

A Glorious Past and Uncertain Future

Nadal’s record at Roland-Garros is nothing short of phenomenal. From his first title in 2005, where he defeated Mariano Puerta, to his epic battles against Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, Nadal’s reign on clay has been marked by memorable matches and historic triumphs. 

His 2008 final-round demolition of Federer, losing just four games, remains one of the most dominant performances in Grand Slam history.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future, Nadal’s focus remains unwavering. “I have accepted that my career is coming to an end, but I am here to compete. I want to give my best one last time, he stated with characteristic resolve. 

His journey, filled with highs and lows, has always been driven by an unyielding passion for the sport and an insatiable desire to compete.

The Legacy of a Legend

As Nadal prepares for his potentially final Roland-Garros, the tennis world reflects on the legacy of a player who has transcended the sport. 

His relentless work ethic, his humility, and his sportsmanship have inspired countless fans and aspiring athletes. Nadal’s impact extends beyond his victories; it is embodied in the respect he shows his opponents and the grace with which he handles defeat.

The curtain may be closing on Nadal’s illustrious career, but his influence will endure. Future generations will speak of his battles with Federer, Djokovic, and other greats, and his name will forever be synonymous with Roland-Garros.

A Final Bow

Monday’s match against Alexander Zverev is more than just a contest; it celebrates Rafael Nadal’s remarkable journey. Win or lose, Nadal’s presence on the court is a testament to his enduring spirit and his love for the game. 

The French Open, his kingdom for so many years, will witness one last chapter in Rafael Nadal’s extraordinary saga.

As the crowd rises to their feet and the chants of “Vamos, Rafa fill the air, Nadal will take his final bow, not just as a champion, but as a legend who has left an indelible mark on the sport. 

And in the hearts of those who have watched him play, his legacy will live on, a beacon of excellence and inspiration for generations to come.


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