As the summer transfer window looms, the future of Kylian Mbappe at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) takes centre stage, with Real Madrid’s persistent interest adding fuel to the speculation fire.

The 25-year-old French phenom, whose contract with PSG is set to expire in six months, has become the subject of intense debate, and Ligue 1 pundit Martin Mosnier has weighed in on what could potentially be the biggest transfer saga of the upcoming summer.


Mbappe’s potential move to Real Madrid has been a recurring theme in recent football discourse, and numerous sources, as reported by PSG Talk, suggest that the Spanish giants have set a timeframe for the French international to respond to their offer during the January transfer window.

The stakes are high, and the football world eagerly awaits the resolution of this unfolding drama.

Martin Mosnier, a notable voice in Ligue 1 punditry, has opined that Mbappe’s time at PSG has run its course. “Kylian Mbappe has been with Paris Saint-Germain for six and a half years, and I think he’s wasted enough time.

He’s 25, and it’s time for him to move on,” Mosnier remarked. Drawing comparisons with legendary French players who honed their skills abroad, Mosnier highlighted the growth experienced by Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, and Thierry Henry during their stints at Real Madrid, Juventus, and Arsenal, respectively.

While acknowledging Mbappe’s desire to secure a Champions League title for PSG, Mosnier emphasized its toll on the star forward. “But he’s exhausted himself in that fight. It’s been six years, and nobody will blame him for fighting it.

“And I think Paris has never been so far from winning the Champions League. It’s definitely time to go,” he added.


Adding another layer to the saga, French journalist Frederic Hermel shed light on Real Madrid’s perspective in a recent discussion on RMC Sport. Hermel highlighted lingering scepticism within the Madrid camp stemming from Mbappe’s decision to reject them a year and a half ago.

“What happened a year and a half ago? Real Madrid still has it in its throat. Several told me that Mbappe’s words no longer have value today,” Hermel explained.

According to his sources, the journalist revealed that Real Madrid is putting the onus on Mbappe to make the effort if he truly desires a move.

“It is up to him to do the job if he wants to come,” Hermel stated. Additionally, there seems to be an emerging preference within the Madrid ranks, with a reported tilt towards Erling Haaland over Mbappe.

As the transfer saga unfolds, the next 15 days are crucial, with Real Madrid reportedly setting a deadline for Mbappe to make a decision.

The football world watches with bated breath, awaiting the resolution of this high-profile and protracted pursuit that could reshape the landscape of European football in the coming months.


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